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With a maximum of just 6 students on each course, we quite simply teach you everything about chalet hosting you will ever need, including hands-on training in aspects that other schools fail to provide.

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If this is going to be your first winter season, whatever your age, this is the course for you.

HIGHER HOSTS will give you the confidence to start your season already running.

For example, Christmas for many Chalet Hosts can be the first week of guests, we teach you how to be confident in delivering a fantastic, stress-free day.

We will teach you how to work to a budget and create meal plans for Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan guests without making them feel that they were just an afterthought.

Cooking is a large part of the training, but just as important is providing the right ambience, cleanliness and interaction with your guests. HIGHER HOSTS  will teach you why attention to detail in these areas is important and give you the skills to achieve it.

A weekly shopping trip to the supermarket is included to help you recognise French products and how to keep to budgets. HIGHER HOSTS  will also equip you with basic language skills enabling you to, for example, order meat from a butchers counter. 

Unlike many other cookery schools, HIGHER HOSTS do not give you lots of time off. The course is packed with hands on training, giving you more value for money and much more time spent learning. It means that everyone gets to thoroughly cover all aspects of day-to-day Chalet Hosting.

You will also attain The Level 2 Hygiene Certificate.

A Perfect Fit

For some companies, we offer a bespoke service whereby we can teach you their specific menu.
This can be a huge help, giving you some professional tips on how to provide the  very best service and presentation  with your preferred employer.